Are Donations to Metamorphic Tax Deductible?

Yes, through our partnership with Global Development Group, donations to most Metamorphic projects are tax deductible as approved aid and development projects. Currently these project are J678 – Burundi HIV Meds Project, J445.3 – Cambodia WASH Project, J445.4 – Cambodia Community Transformation Project, J481.2 – Kenya Community Transformation Project and J599 – Myanmar Community Transformation and WASH Project. However, non aid and development activities carried out by Metamorphic such as Church planting are not eligible for tax deductibility.

Is Metamorphic a Business Just Out To Make Money ?

Metamorphic International Pty Ltd is a registered, not for profit charity established to transform whole communities through training and empowerment. Our constitution does not allow any directors to profit from Metamorphic and in the unlikely case of Metamorphic not continuing to operate in the future some time all assets and cash must be given to another similar registered charitable organisation.
Metamorphic does operate profitable businesses but only to fund specific overseas aid and development projects and to fulfil the purpose and mission of Metamorphic International.

How Much Of My Donation Gets To The Project ?

Your entire donation is allocated to and used for the specific project that you choose to support unless otherwise stated in the project document. On average it costs Metamorphic 10% to administrate projects and all other funds are used for the practicalities of a successful project implementation. Metamorphic also endeavours to recycle Micro Loans often resulting in part of your donation being used several times over.

Who Is Global Development Group ?

Metamorphic International is proud to partner with Global Development Group on the following projects: J678 – Burundi HIV Meds Project, J445.3 – Cambodia WASH Project, J445.4 – Cambodia Community Transformation Project, J481.2 – Kenya Community Transformation Project and J599 – Myanmar Community Transformation and WASH Project.

Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993) is an Australian AusAID approved Non Government Organisation carrying out quality humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty and provide long term solutions. Global Development Group takes responsibility for the projects according to AusAID rules, providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing to ensure the projects are carried out to AusAID requirements. Tax deductible receipts for donations to these approved aid and development projects will be issued by Global Development Group. For more information. please visit

Can I Choose the Project to Donate to ?

generally you can choose what project, what emphasis and what country unless otherwise stated for our general fundraising campaigns. To select the specific project you want to donate to either designate it online, talk to one of our staff or use the specific Project code on the GDG web site. Whichever method you use we want you to feel empowered to send your donation to the project that you are passionate about.

What Type of Businesses are included in the Metamorphic Micro Enterprise Program ?

At Metamorphic we look at what skills the trainee has and also what usable assets he or she may have. For example if someone comes from a rural area and has a small plot of land they will already have some skill and an obvious asset. We encourage them and train them to develop a business plan using their strengths. So many businesses are based on animal husbandry and agriculture but also such things as tailoring, transport, photography and retail. In fact we have had more than 50 different business ideas implemented countless times in 20 nations.

Do the Trainees Need to Repay the Micro Enterprise Loan ?

Yes. Part of the Metamorphic training program centers around financial integrity and so our in country partners are diligent in the monitoring and collection of loans. Those repayments are then used either for further micro loans or for the on going education of the trainees.

Do All Micro Enterprise Loans get Recycled ?

No. Metamorphics Micro enterprise model is based on a development model and not a banking model. Our measure of success is not profitability through the collection of loans and charging of interest but rather in the transformation of and empowerment of a life, family and community. So although we insist on the loans being repaid we then determine the best pathway for the future success of the trainee/business owner and invest in this.

Why does Metamorphic Plant Churches as a Means of Providing Aid ?

We use the Church model as a framework for several good reasons. Firstly it gives us an administrative vehicle to deliver quality projects at a minimal cost. Effectively Metamorphic which is also a religious training body has trained thousands of ministers around the globe to not only fulfil their roles as ministers but care for their communities and manage project resources effectively. They don’t do that on any religious grounds but on the basis of doing what is right. We also use Community leaders in a similar way. Metamorphic is committed to using and developing the best possible networks for maximum service delivery.

What is Church Planting ?

Church planting is the equivalent of a business start up where a minister goes to a new area and launches a new church often with a new emphasis. In our case at Metamorphic when we plant Churches we are creating a startup that exists to help every individual in the local community.

Do I Need to go to Church or be a Christian to be involved ?

No, definitely not! We use Judeo Christian ethics and frameworks to roll out our projects and govern them but we have both donors and beneficiaries who are not of Christian persuasion. We want to help all people regardless of religious, ethnic or gender background. At Metamorphic we also understand that there are many generous individuals and organisations that want to contribute and change the world not because they are Christian but because they are Human.

How can I get involved or use my skills with Metamorphic ?

There are many opportunities to be involved with Metamorphic other than financial contributions. We are committed to developing people to be the best that they can be and so will work with you to utilise your skills for maximum effectiveness. Call our office on +61 7 5437 9002 for ideas on how you can be involved or email us.

My Business would like to donate to one of the projects , will we get recognition for it ?

Certainly. We are committed to working with individuals, organisations and businesses to help meet your corporate responsibility needs. We need to comply with tax rules on donors not deriving a commercial benefit from the transaction but we provide plaques both for your wall and on site at specific projects as well as reports and mentions of donors at key events and through our social media platform. For example we have schools that support the Water4Water program. Those schools receive a certificate every time they fund another well and their school plaque is placed on the well structure in country.


Here you will find copies of relevant policies. If you have any questions or need to contact us about any of these please do not hesitate to do so by emailing us.


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Annual Reports

Metamorphic began in 2002 and it has been an amazing journey that has touched the lives of millions of people around the globe. It is our pleasure to present our most recent annual reports to give you a glimpse into our world and the world of those that benefit from Metamorphic’s transformation initiatives. Click below for recent annual reports.

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