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Its Begun

I’ve begun my internship with the Metamorphic Asia team, Makara and Phealy here in Cambodia and it is exceeding my expectations ten-fold.
One of the aspects of my internship involves monitoring and evaluating the progress of community leaders or church planters here in Cambodia who have been trained by the Metamorphic team to transform their communities and improve the lives of people around them. Recently, I had the chance to interview a few of these church planters about the work they’ve done and how their lives have been transformed.
Chah (pictured third from the right) is one of community leaders who has performed amazing work in his province and village. Since the training he has become a role-model for others and has been heavily involved with teaching others necessary business and communication skills to further themselves in life.
By understanding the word of God, he preaches love and support to his community. His motivation and willingness to help his village has been shown through the creation of his own coffee shop business. He has created a unique selling point of his personalised cups and due to rising sales has now begun to wholesale his coffee to other stores nearby. His vision for growing his business continues to grow and his enthusiasm to plant more churches becomes stronger each day he sees smiles on his family’s faces.
A problem his village faces is domestic violence, which he is taking significant advances to improve. He is spreading the love of God and members are witnessing the good that comes from following Jesus’ path.
Chah is one of many influential and inspirational leaders here in Cambodia that I am privileged to talk to. I am deeply appreciative to talk with them about the work they currently perform and am optimistic they will continue to keep changing lives.

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