Being an Interviewer for a Day – Tahlia Van de Beld in Cambodia

Pr Khon Operating a Well with a Homemade Pump. Image © Tim Humble 2010 –

Today, Sokun (Metamorphic’s Asia Manager) and I made our way to Sokun’s province – Takeo. This is the place where she grew up. We had plenty planned and it was a rush to get everything done. First up we went to all the different communities in Takeo where Metamorphic has dug wells*. Some of their stories are quite amazing to hear. People would walk for kilometers to go to a pond to collect water and then walk all the way back. This water was filthy and most of the time they would get sick from it. It would be like the people in Australia going to the drains and drinking the water that runs down them. Nobody in Australia would do that, so why is it okay to allow the people in Cambodia to drink water that is in a similar state? So these wells have changed people’s lives forever. They have more time to spend time on things that are important without having to worry that their water is going to run out. More money can be earned so their children can be sent to school and then college all because they have time. It is not only water they receive but a new life!

It was so encouraging to hear that these people who have received wells thank God everyday for this blessing but they also pray that one day soon God will bless those who are still living off the dirty water. It is so beautiful to see people who care so deeply for each other, where they are so happy themselves but cannot bear the thought that there are people who are still struggling on a daily basis simply because of the lack of clean water.

A Child Scooping up Clean Fresh Drinking Water. Image © Tim Humble 2010 –

After interviewing well recipients we had to collect loan repayments**. These loans are given to people who attend seminars especially designed to teach people how to plant a church and how to build a successful business. There are some amazing testimonies where one person has planted six successful churches in only two years and another lady’s pig raising business was spared from sickness when all the animals in the surrounding area died. Hers were fit and healthy and sold for extremely good prices. God’s hand is on these beautiful  people and their businesses.

In one day I heard so many amazing stories and testimonies. It is so encouraging to see that a change in the air. Cambodia has turned the page in their history, and now they are able to start to right the many wrongs that have  occurred in only recent years.

*In Kandal and Takeo Provinces, Metamorphic has now provided clean, safe drinking water to close to 40,000 people through the sinking of wells and distribution of water filters. To find out how you can be a part of this exciting initiative, please visit the Water4Water page. Just $50 can help an entire family gain access to clean water for life.

**Micro-Enterprise loans are given to Church planters who successfully complete Metamorphic’s Church planting boot camp, and are intended to help them sustain their families and their churches. These are paid back over a period of two years.


About Tahlia:

Hi everyone, my name is Tahlia van de Beld and I’ve just finished Year 12. Just before starting university this year, my parents offered me the opportunity of going to Cambodia. Being a travel bug, I jumped at the chance of exploring a little more of the world – gaining an understanding of the world I live in. I do not want to merely live in this world but I want to be apart of it. The world is full of different cultures, traditions and laws. It would be naive to believe that you live in one country and not be affected by all the others. As the world becomes more interconnected through the use of internet and the advancement of technology, it is of upmost importance to gain some knowledge of these different countries.

I hope that this trip to Cambodia will teach me more about the world I live in and also how to appreciate every aspect of life. I think that as westerners we often forget to appreciate the little things in life and I know that poverty-stricken countries are the best examples of people who “go with the flow” and appreciate every good thing that comes their way – no matter how small. As I am doing this trip by myself – well without anyone I know – I hope that I learn more about myself. It will give me a chance to spread my wings, perse, and hopefully allow me to find out what and who I want to be or grow into. I want to see and hear how God has changed people’s lives. I hope to build long-lasting friendships. There are so many possibilities and I truly hope Cambodia will teach and show me so much more than what I hope for.

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