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Monsoon season is coming!

I’ve been told the streets, or more accurately dirt paths, around where I live become like raging rapids. Apparently, if I’d like to go and buy my fruit and vegetables from the local market which is only 500m away, I need to be prepared to come back saturated, wet to the bone – even if it’s not raining! I’m going to need to buy thigh-high gumboots; if they even exist.

With such extreme weather coming, in the next couple of days, you can’t not think and worry about the people having to sleep in tents or makeshift houses. And when I say makeshift, I mean tattered little shoebox’s. Families of six living in a 4x4m shack. The houses are literally whatever scraps that could be pulled out from the wreckages of their homes and a weathered, punctured, worn tarp for the roof.

Tents Nepal


As the storms start rolling in and hundreds and thousands of families are sleeping in leaking houses that provide them with no protection from the rain or cold. Multitudes of people are prone to sickness and diseases and the fear is that it will cause the death of hundreds of children and elderly persons. This is not an issue that can be taken lightly – the results will have dire consequences for the people if proper accommodation is not provided.

With some of the funds that were so generously donated; the construction of simple, temporary houses made from corrugated iron have began in Bhaktapur. These houses will protect families from the weather but also help to reduce the onslaught of illness. These people have already endured so much and are constantly stressed and wondering about where their next meal will come from; it will be such a great blessing to relieve some of their stresses by providing some decent shelter.


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Tahlia Van De Beld is currently working in Nepal with Metamorphic
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