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Its Been A Busy Time


A few weeks have passed since I began my internship with the Metamorphic Asia team here in Cambodia and we’re kicking goals.

Over the past week I’ve been interviewing and surveying principals and teachers from schools in provinces bordering Phnom Penh. To get a wider range of results, we’ve also been visiting both primary and secondary schools. The purpose of going to these schools is to assess the facilities schools have, what they need, and how we at Metamorphic can potentially help them.

I created a list of questions, which were translated by Phealy to the staff members during the interviews. Across all schools the results our questions have been very consistent and revealing.

Public schools, especially those in the provinces are heavily underfunded and dependent on their own resources and their own money. All the teachers I spoke to were desperate to get help, because in their eyes, they want to provide their students with the best possible education. Many of the schools lacked essential facilities such as toilets, working wells, sufficient numbers of filters as well as basic materials of pens and paper. The schools ranged in number of students from a few hundred to over a thousand.

Despite the lack in resources that these were provided with, I noticed something else. I noticed that regardless of the resources the schools had and how little the schools could provide to the students, all the students were smiling and laughing. Every school had kids running around wanting to play games and take photos with us, which gave me a sense of optimism. It’s the fact that despite the dire circumstances they live in, these kids can still find happiness in their lives.

I wish the teachers and the students all the best for the rest of the year. I hope that these teachers will find assistance if not through Metamorphic, but through someone else who is willing to lend a hand. These Cambodian kids deserve the basics to an education and I hope they will continue to keep smiling every day.


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