Creating Your New Financial Reality – Part 11(Final)

The final law of nature in this series, law eleven is ’The harvest always takes time.’ So many believers miss out on the blessing that God has for them because they grow impatient and lack the understanding that Gods timing and ours are often quite different. Unfortunately this often results in us trying to help God out and speed up the process. This approach is fraught with danger and generally results in pain, pain to us. Remember Abraham and Sarah? God promised them children but when nothing happened they took matters into there own hands and complicated the lives of others around them by engaging Hagar as a concubine and mother of Abrahams first child. this didn’t end well and we still see the obvious repercussions today. The moral of the story here is, if God promises He will come through, so don’t try and help Him out – He doesn’t need your help and He hasn’t forgotten!

Gal 6:9 tells us “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” God has promised us financial blessing, being blessed is His will for our lives and He by His grace has already made provision for that, our part is simply a response – and that is to not grow weary, to not give up. That is why our consistent generosity and giving builds stable long term blessing from a God who is true to His promises.

God wants to bless you, for your own well being, to demonstrate His nature and because the promise to Abraham is true for us today…We are blessed to be a blessing.

I hope this blog series has been helpful and an encouragement to you and I look forward to connecting with you in future Blog Series. Coming soon: META EVERYTHING: the secret behind the Metamorphic revolution around the globe with your very own invitation to become a part of M Club, then watch out for ‘Building Your Capacity,’ ’Attack Your Lack’ and other resources aimed at helping you become the person of significance that God has called you to be


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