I have just returned from Nepal as have other members of the Metamorphic Aus based team whom I am so pleased to say are safe. But the news for our Nepal based team is still sketchy as we have lost contact with two core team members and 29 church planters and social entrepreneurs.

31 million people in one of the poorest nations on earth and devastating consequences from this horrific earthquake. Whole blocks of the city centre gone and rural villages where we are getting reports of 80% of the houses being wiped out.

So what can people like you and i do from Australia? Well we have a team there on the ground that can ensure that any monies donated will go straight to where it is needed most on the ground. Our team work in over 80 communities working with local govt on children based projects as well as water and infrastructure.

If you want to #BETHEDIFFERENCE then click on the Donate button below to make a donation to the meta Nepal Appeal or call me personally at the office on 0754379002 or cell 0414801900.

You can also make donations using your phone directly by:

Ph: 1300 267 074 or Toll Free on: 1800 021 548
Biller Code: 485540
Ref: 6382

Thanks for having a heart for the people of Nepal and for your amazing generosity.


Lindsay Clarke
CEO Metamorphic International

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