Cambodia – Schools

Despite the lack in resources that these were provided with, I noticed something else. I noticed that regardless of the resources the schools had and how little the schools could provide to the students, all the students were smiling and laughing.
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internship with the Metamorphic Asia

Chah is one of many influential and inspirational leaders here in Cambodia that I am privileged to talk to. I am deeply appreciative to talk with them about the work they currently perform and am optimistic they will continue to keep changing lives.
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Update From the Field – Nepal

Earlier this year Metamorphic completed one of its church planting and Community Transformation Programs (CTP)  for community leaders in Nepal. The Program is designed to equip those who are trained to be dynamic leaders that bring real and lasting transformation into their environments. One of the leaders trained was a man named Som.   Recently...
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Here you will find news on recent and upcoming events.

At Metamorphic we believe in community and love to get together with our partners and friends as we celebrate making a difference around the world. That mix of people is made up of a wide array of diverse individuals from varied backgrounds and its that diversity that we embrace and celebrate.

The Metamorphic community is also committed to resourcing people with opportunities and tools that lead to success and fulfilment.

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At Metamorphic we are always working on new initiatives to alleviate poverty and make the world a better place.

Each month we have a specific focus, sometimes its geographic, sometimes with a particular outcome in mind. This is your opportunity to partner with us and be the difference as together we transform this world one community at a time.