Rest Day – Tahlia Van de Beld in Cambodia

Over the coming days, we are delighted to have Tahlia Van de Beld guest blogging here on the Metamorphic Blog. Tahlia is spending some time in Cambodia experiencing some of Metamorphic’s projects that her family have so generously been sowing into. She will be sharing her experiences with us here. Please make her feel welcome. Over to you Tahlia!

Image © Lindsay Clarke 2007

Today, is what we considered to be my rest day; however rest we did not. Sokun took me to some of the renowned sites that a tourist must go to before they leave Cambodia. Firstly, we went to the High School where Pol Pot tortured and killed all Cambodians that had some form of education as well as their entire families. This experience, for me, was not only a sad one but also an eye-opener. This horrific slaughter of Cambodian people happened only in recent years. Cambodia was not stripped of its future because of some war with other countries – although it had an affect – but, it was literally ripped apart by one of their own. People, governments, countries all must learn from this tragic part in Cambodia’s history, so something like this does not happen again.

Image © Lindsay Clarke 2007

On a lighter note, after we visited the High School, we went to the Russian Markets. These markets must be visited. They are so intense, people constantly milling around, the shop keepers asking “Hello Madame, you want a watch, buy buy” or “Madame, good quality, very good DVD, only $1”. It can be intimadating but you just have to embrace it and go with the flow. After the markets, it was time to visit the King’s palace. There are no words to describe the magnificence of the palace. The gardens are spectacular with no branch out of place, the multiple buildings are impeccable, unbelievable. There is a room where the floor is pure silver, and everywhere you looked were statues of gold, silver, bronze and marble. One statue was taller than me made out of gold and encased with 2,056 diamonds. It was a sight to see. Incredible!

So, my first official day in Cambodia was amazing. To hear about history is one thing, but to see where it happened is really life-changing. It really was a great day. I had an absolute blast!!


About Tahlia:

Hi everyone, my name is Tahlia van de Beld and I’ve just finished Year 12. Just before starting university this year, my parents offered me the opportunity of going to Cambodia. Being a travel bug, I jumped at the chance of exploring a little more of the world – gaining an understanding of the world I live in. I do not want to merely live in this world but I want to be apart of it. The world is full of different cultures, traditions and laws. It would be naive to believe that you live in one country and not be affected by all the others. As the world becomes more interconnected through the use of internet and the advancement of technology, it is of upmost importance to gain some knowledge of these different countries.

I hope that this trip to Cambodia will teach me more about the world I live in and also how to appreciate every aspect of life. I think that as westerners we often forget to appreciate the little things in life and I know that poverty-stricken countries are the best examples of people who “go with the flow” and appreciate every good thing that comes their way – no matter how small. As I am doing this trip by myself – well without anyone I know – I hope that I learn more about myself. It will give me a chance to spread my wings, perse, and hopefully allow me to find out what and who I want to be or grow into. I want to see and hear how God has changed people’s lives. I hope to build long-lasting friendships. There are so many possibilities and I truly hope Cambodia will teach and show me so much more than what I hope for.

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