I close my scarred eyes, having seen too much destruction, pain and terror, hoping to erase the days images, begging for the nightmares to stay away and praying that all of this is a dream.


I am desperate for unconsciousness.


But like whenever you need sleep to overcome you; it stays hidden.

 It leaves you to rethink every decision and word spoken.

Replay every situation of the day.

Think about all seen and done.

But when sleep stays away; the very worst is that it makes you feel every tremor, every movement of the Earth.


With each passing tremor you realise that you won’t have a good sleep for a long, long time. How could you? What if an earthquake happens in the middle of night? You need to be prepared. Prepared to sprint outside. You can’t enter into deep sleep because by the time you wake up, realise what is happening and start running; will the house still be standing?


So, no, there won’t be sleep for a long, long time to come. 

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  1. Adrian

    Wow Tahlia, You’ve captured what must surely be the underlying tension for every Nepali these days, when even home can no longer be a safe refuge, where the nightmare begins when one awakens again.

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